As an investigator, Dr. Ting Wang took charge of the following research projects:

DEC/2014--JUN/2015 (Expected)    The Construction of Medicine and Health Knowledge Service System, Granted by Institute of Medical Information, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

As a co-principal investigator, Dr. Ting Wang participated in the following research projects:

JAN/2014--    Interference-less Machine Learning: Research and Applications, Granted by Jiangsu Technology and Science Program (Grant No. BK20131182)

JAN/2011-- DEC/2013 The Theory, Algorithm and Application of Incremental Attribute Learning, Granted by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61070085)

JAN/2009-- DEC/2011 Search Engine based on Natural Language Processing, Granted by Provincial Natural and Science Fund of Guangxi (Grant No.Gui Ke Zi 0991254)

OCT/2006-- DEC/2008 A Research on Spam Email Filtering Model Based on NLP, Granted by Education Department of Guangxi (Grant No.Gui Jiao Keyan [2006]26)


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